Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Taxes are a necessary tool in government, without them we would not have a strong military force, have the means to adjudicate offences against the Constitution and the People it serves, or support the administration of our Representative, Legislative and Judicial offices.

Many say Government is a necessary evil, I would disagree, whether it is Local, State or Fed it serves, is suppose to serve a critical function in social tranquility [equal justice and the security of our many individual liberties]

We can all agree that the Government has grown into a massive organization that rather than adhere to the tenuous laws of our Constitutional Republic which would hold it securely in check, have chosen to insulate itself with immunity, following not law but rather politicizing the ideology of those crying the loudest for subjective dependencies, thus gaining strength.

What can we do about it?

All of the branches of Government and their many unconstitutional policies and departments operate because we pay them to. We actually pay them to take away our liberty!
Think about that!

Would you pay someone to force your doctor, priest or pastor, mother, father even your child to share personal information with them?

Would you pay someone to force your company to write a business plan which targets customers and audiences that you have no interest in serving, or serve products which you have no interest in selling?

The cold hard realty folks…you do! In fact you pay the Government to interfere and run your life in a thousand more ways than the few I just mentioned.

We need to cut off their revenue! We need to do it now!

Simply protesting on tax day won’t work:
  1. Millions pay income tax which is deducted by their employers
  2. Millions pay a sales tax which is deducted at the register
  3. Simply protesting has made zero difference in the progressive march of Government overreach in any party to date
  4. Protest only works if your ideology falls in line with this Unconstitutional Government’s goals
  5. Protesting is subject to misinformation counter strikes which usually lead people to falling on their sword in appeal to some bleeding heart sob story about how we are taking food from the mouths of poor people.

If we want to get the message across to an entrenched, self proclaimed sovereign Government here is what I think we should do:
  1. Organize
  2. Pick a date, even several on a specific schedule, shut down your company, don’t go to work, and don’t buy anything from those who don’t participate.
  3. Do not cram the Strike dates together! we need to eat and pay our bills
  4. Do it! Enough with excuses! Our Fore Fathers and our Military have sacrificed far more for our Liberty and many times to oppose far less tyrannies.
  5. Make it clear that we are demanding a Tax Code and Budget which adheres strictly to the Constitution. No Compromise!
  6. Get involved with the process, make suggestions, study those that are made, judge everything through the Constitution
  7. Don’t stop striking until we have a resolution.

I have tried to leave this piece as wide open for discussion as possible. I’m not interested in fame for the sake of fame, so if there are those who can organize this more efficiently than I (there are) I would be thrilled to support it. However I’m going to do whatever I can to make this happen.

The advantage to organizing this type of a strike is that the IRS doesn’t have a fight in the game and the 
Government will stand to lose Billions in UN-managed revenue.

The disadvantage is we will lose wages and profits every day we strike, but I digress.

I would like to use twitter to gauge the answer to this question [ARE YOU PATRIOTIC ENOUGH TO JOIN A TAX STRIKE?] for a couple of reasons:
  1. It’s very public, the nature of this action is public, and if we are scared of the consequences we likely going to stay firmly seated on our couches any way.
  2. I would like to see everyone having a conversation on this rather than just with me

Here is a simple way to make this go viral:

Copy and paste either one of these tweets into your favorite twitter app…hit send.



If anyone wants to poll this on their websites feel free, as I said, taxes affect us all.

If you are one of those “jobs over liberty people” choose option B.


  1. Biggest obstacle "Shut down your company" Wouldn't it be better to say "Don't purchase?"


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